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Word Picker - Advanced Search

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Find words using spelling pattern or sound
Go to the instructions tab for how to use this

Enter spelling pattern here:
Enter the syllable type here:

Closed Open Vowel Team Vowel R Silent E
Enter sound here:

Search within word list:

If you enter both the spelling pattern and the sound, Word Picker will find words that have the spelling pattern and the sound. If you only enter one of these, results for the one that you enter will be found.

Find words for early reading
Go to the instructions tab for how to use this

Chooose a spelling pattern in the table below.

Closed Open Vowel R Vowel Team Silent E

Find sentences containing a word
Go to the instructions tab for how to use this

Type in what word you want the sentences to have. For example, if you type in hello, a sentence like 'Hello, can I help you with something?' will show up.


Instructions for Word Picker

Welcome to word picker!

You can find words by sound or spelling pattern. To do it by sound, find the sound you want that is bolded in the example section of the table. Then find the corresponding phoneme and type it in the type sound here... input field. If you want to find words that have a sound or another sound, separate them with a comma.

Arprabet table image 1
Arprabet table image 1

If you want to find words using a spelling pattern, type in a spelling pattern. To find words that have a consonant, type in a capital C. For vowels, type a consonant V. If you only type in a capital C, it won't show any results because there are no words that are just a consonant and nothing else. To find words that contain a consonant (there are many), you need to type a dash in the end and the begining of the C. The one at the end means that it should include results that start with a consonant. The one at the start shows that it should also include words that end with a consonant. But if you want to find words that shows a spelling pattern and another spelling pattern, seperate them with a comma. A lowercase letter just means a additional letter that you typed. You can also doubble something, like a consonant. This will make the second one the same letter as the first. To do that, add a number after the thing you want to doubble, so the C for the consonant becomes C2. The number that you type in is the number of times it gets repeated. This is useful when it goes right after a C or V. To connect these, just type the next one after the one before it.
To find words that contain a spelling pattern and also contains a sound, enter both the sound and spelling pattern.

Syllable type specification

To specify the sylllable type, type the syllable type in the syllable type input. Each character is one character, so use this mapping for the syllable type:

            Closed: C
            Open: O
            Vowel team: T
            Vowel R: R
            Silent E: E
You can also use ? for any syllable type and - for any amount of any syllable type.

Instructions for sentence picker

Welcome to sentence picker! Type any word to find examle sentences.

Word Picker API

If you want to request words or sentences with some criteria without needing to use the webpage, you can use our API. Send a get request to wordpicker-eb.eba-zkdtc4h6.us-west-2.elasticbeanstalk.com then add /api/words to the url for finding words and /api/sentences for finding sentences. For words, you can add &pattern= then the spelling pattern for the spelling pattern, &phone= then the sound for the sound, and &filter= then the filter for the filter.

User Interface (UI) instructions

The loading wheel

The loading wheel shows you that Word Picker is loading. It has a green background and has rounded corners. If the loading wheel doesn't hide for more than 10 seconds, it might happen because of these reasons:

  • Your browser is just slow. Try updating your browser to the latest version.
  • Your browser doesn't support something that is used by Word Picker. Make sure Javascript is enabled on your browser. It provides functionality to Word Picker.
  • There is a problem in Word Picker. If it causes the loading wheel to spin continuously, the problem should be solved in a day or in less time than that.

How to navigate

Use the tabs at the left bar to navigate. If you are on a mobile device, the tabs are in the bottom. Because things might look weird on a mobile device, using Word Picker on a computer or desktop is recommended. You can also go switch tabs by pressing the up and down arrow keys.

The three dots in the heading or the hamburger menu

The three dots in the heading shows a menu for more actions like opening settings, viewing the word list, translating the page and more. Keep in mind that the translation uses Google Translate, which might not translate all of the content perfectly. If you are using a mobile device, you will see a hamburger menu instead. It will open a sidebar instead.


You can change Word Picker's behavior using Settings. To acsess it, press the three dots at the top and select settings. You can use it to control whether there is a random background every day instead of every time the page loads. You can also use it to make the result text italic and control the result container width. Change the result container width when the words bump into each other. To save and apply the settings, press save. If you want to just close the settings without saving, press cancel. The settings should be able to save on browsers that support Local Storage. If your browser does not support local storage, then a red text saying that your browser does not support it will show. If it shows, update your browser or switch to another one.

More three dots options

There are more options in the three dots dropdown menu. The first one is the reload option. Unlike the usual reload button in your browser, this reload button should retreive a new copy of the page and load it. The button is useful when you want to make sure that the page is updated. Another button is the see word list button. This button will pop up a list of all the words that are used for finding words. There is also a button that toggles dark mode. Dark mode is a dark theme that makes things darker. By default, Word Picker will make the theme match the configured theme in the system. You can overide this by pressing the dark mode button. It will say light mode if you pressed dark mode. Press the same button to go back to light mode. The button that opens settings is also here. Read the settings section for how to use it and what controls there are. Lastly, you can change the language by selecting a language in the dropdown. You will need to scroll down to see more controls.